The Best Rebar to Use

When it comes to heavy-duty construction projects, experts recommend using one type of rebar over all other. What type of rebar is this? It is none other than rebar made from fiberglass. Why is this considered the best option? Here is a little bit of more info on this particular type of rebar.

Many construction company owners just starting out may think that black steel rebar is the best to use based on the simple fact that it is cheap and plentiful. However, this is only true if you take no pride in your work and are not responsible for the longevity of the end product or structure that is being built. In fact, black steel rebar has a high susceptibility to rust and is, in some cases, even shipped to the customer already in a state of rust. When rusty rebar is used, not only will the structure have to be updated in as little as 5 years, but the rust from the steel will also result in ugly stains being left behind on the concrete or base material being used for the building. While you may not be responsible for the longevity or maintenance of the building being worked on, it can still result in a sullied reputation for your company.

When tests have been performed by industry experts on how to best protect concrete which is subject to intense traffic considerations, they have all resulted in the verdict that is properly reinforced with gfrp rebar might be the way to go. The incidents of concrete cracking under pressure is much lower when compared to that of black steel rebar being used for the same purposes. The less cracking findings are also very important to consider when using the rebar in the construction of a building. Think about it, the unsightly a building is, the less resale value the building will have. The opposite is also true. The more attractive a building is, the higher the resale value will be. If you are a building owner who is concerned about the possibility of selling their property in the future, then this factor is one that should be strongly considered.

Fiberglass is also far more environmentally friendly. This is because there needs to be far less reworking done on fiberglass than on steel. If there is no need to run the large construction vehicles on a project which has already been worked on, there is far less air pollution going into the atmosphere.

As you can see, there are many strong and valid reasons why you will want to use fiberglass rebar over the more traditional steel variety. Make sure that you are using the very best that you can use and try to stay away from less reliable and sound materials such as black steel. While it may cost less in the beginning, it will surely cost more in the future. Stick with fiber glass and your jobsite and workers will thank you for it!