First Impressions Matter in Business Too

When it comes to opening up a business, many of us think about the inside of the store and how we want it to be decorated or designed in order to please our customers. We even go as far as to maybe even painting the outside and most definitely choose a sign that will not only catch the customers eye but will also make a statement. And though we pay attention to so many details whenever we are starting a new business, how many of us really pay attention to the parking lot?

I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest pet peeves is to go to a business and the parking lot is lumpy with potholes everywhere. Ironically enough, I find that to be the case the most whenever I have to go to a tire shop. You would think that a business that services cars, especially tires, would be sure to have some of the smoothest parking lots and driveways. It’s almost as if they want you to get a flat on the way out just so that you have to turn back around and get another service, but I digress.

For many businesses, thinking about the parking lot is the last thing, if at all, that is on their mind. However, from a business owner as well as a customer’s point of view, I can tell you firsthand that it should be the first. That is because the parking lot or driveway is the very first experience that most people have with your business. And honestly, I must tell you that whenever I pull into a business and the pavement is raggedy, I automatically look at that business as such. You would never pull into a high-end store and have to dodge potholes or risk getting a flat tire by parking. That is because these businesses know that their companies brand and image starts from the moment that the customer pulls up and not after they enter the doors.

Although starting a business can be a pretty hefty expense and requires a lot to get started, before you focus so much energy on getting the inside right, try working on the outside first. If the outside of your business is nicely maintained, even before you are open, people will have already formed a positive image of your business. You can search for any commercial paving cincinnati oh and you will find many different companies that will have your parking lot looking amazing in no time.

My mother used to always say that people can see you even when you don’t see them. I find this statement to be true and applicable to many areas of life, including business. Although you haven’t opened the doors to your business yet, people will still be driving by and walking by and trust me, they will be taking notice. If the parking lot is nicely paved and the outside of the building, as well as the glass, is clean, you will have already made a positive first impression as well as gained customers before your grand opening.