Becoming An Unarmed Security Guard

When it comes to finding a job, you want something will help you pay the bills and don’t require much skill. After all, some jobs will train you on what to do. That means that no experience is necessary sometimes. If you decide to become an unarmed security guard then you would be getting one of these types of jobs. Most of the time, the trainer will tell you how to go about looking and inspecting things. They will also tell you about checking people in and how to handle disputes that are not too rough for you.

Where To Find Work

You can find work as one of many unarmed security guards las vegas nv or anywhere with a company that has plenty of openings. Security guards are needed everywhere in the United States. Finding a position won’t be hard. You can work in area hospitals, libraries, schools, shopping strips, plants, port channels, malls, movie houses, and other venues where a security guard would be spotted. Some of these places require that you carry a gun while most don’t. You would make more money if you carry a firearm. However, if you know that you are not good with gun safety than it’s your best bet to leave that alone and stick to what you know. After all, your gun would go with you to your home, and if you have small children, that would not be an ideal place for it. Becoming an unarmed guard means your job will relatively be very easy. You just show up to your site in uniform, put your time in, and start working. Some guards even find themselves working at public bus terminals. When you get hired by a security company, they will assign you a post to go to.

The Pay Grade

You can find security guard positions in your local newspaper. There are actual companies that will hire you and send you out to different job sites to work. If you are looking to make a great deal of money, you have to discuss that with your hiring supervisor. Most unarmed security guards will get minimum wage or just a little bit above it. You would have to do a great job to be promoted where you can actually make more. Also, if you decide to become a commissioned guard, which is nothing more than a security guard with a gun, you can make more with that as well. Basically, this is an easy job depending on the site you are assigned to work at, but you should not expect to bring a hefty paycheck unless you stick with it and get promoted. Also, some companies do not offer health benefits.

Being a security guard is not a bad choice to make. Just make sure that you can handle the small pay and go to any work site they assign you to. If you stick with it, you can make your way up the ladder quickly.